Download The Role of Media Servers in Next-Generation 9-1-1

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At the center of 9-1-1’s evolution to multimedia and IP are the ESInet and, ultimately, the Media Server which provides the convergence of data, voice, text and video communications necessary to ensure:

  • The availability of more useful forms of multimedia information from any networked communications device;
  • Interoperability between PSAPS, with the ability to transfer of 9-1-1 calls and associated multimedia data between geographically dispersed facilities;
  • Aggregation and sharing of data, resources, and procedures, providing a common operating picture for first responders and increasing the effectiveness of their response;
  • Effective use of capital as well as operational cost savings for mission critical communications services.

With its long history of providing the contact center, IVR, and conferencing solutions for today’s PSAPs, Dialogic is uniquely positioned to enable their transition to NG9-1-1/NG112. Download the whitepaper by filling out the form on the right.