Concerned about the Recent Radisys Announcement?

Now may be a good time to learn more about
Dialogic PowerMedia XMS media server software.


Do you have concerns about your media server solution after the recent Radisys announcement?

If so, then you should talk to Dialogic.  Our media server software may be able to address those concerns by offering solutions that are:


Field-tested technology


Strong and strategic patented and patent-pending protection, with an emphasis in real-time video processing


A long history of R&D leadership; proven in delivering against roadmap



Leading-Edge Technology


Dialogic’s media server offerings provide much more than a legacy of excellence and a strong roadmap for the future.  Dialogic® PowerMedia® XMS media server software boasts an extensive list of successful implementations that include MRF for VoLTE, carrier-hosted contact centers, enterprise communications, voice messaging, and “mission-critical” next-generation 911 services.

PowerMedia XMS has proven to be a key building block for new and innovative applications, leveraging features like:

  • Video — support for SFU, MCU, and hybrid video deployment models

  • Cloud-optimized media processing (MSAAS®) — highly scalable and redundant media processing for public cloud environments such as AWS

  • Elasticity — scaling from 1 to 50,000+ ports

  • Flexible deployment models — COTS hardware, VMs, cloud, NFV, containers

  • Network-wide license management — pay as you grow

  • Multiple standardized media server APIs — including RESTful and JSON, delivering granular controls over everything to the developer

  • Standards compliance — SIP, WebRTC


See the Strengths of PowerMedia XMS in Action

If you’d like to know more about Dialogic’s media server offerings, or see a demo of an innovative, cloud-based video conferencing solution based on PowerMedia XMS, contact us and we’ll set up a call at your earliest convenience. 



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