Integrating IoT & Video Communications

A Disruptive Analysis
thought-leadership paper
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IoT and Video - Opportunities Await

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There is an expectation that the Internet of Things (IoT) will explode in scale and scope in coming years. Despite some debatable headline forecasts, it seems likely that millions or maybe billions of new connected devices will enter the market, ranging from simple sensors to drones, home-automation systems and connected vehicles. Meanwhile, video communications technologies are opening new opportunities to see and be seen in new ways.  How will IoT and video work together?  What are some of the anticipated use cases? How can service providers and communications services add value?

To help answer these questions, the white paper and webinar will discuss:

✓ Three general use cases for IoT and Video Communications 

✓ Why blending IoT & video has become possible

✓ Vertical markets that will most be impacted or benefit


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