A Dialogic and IBM Joint Webinar

The intersection of real-time communications applications, analytics, and artificial intelligence opens the door to innovative, value-added solutions for businesses and consumers. Dialogic and IBM show how this is done by demonstrating the integration of Dialogic’s PowerNova™ applications with IBM Watson cognitive services using the IBM Watson Voice Gateway.

This 30-minute, information-packed webinar covers:

  • Market drivers and trends for integrating real-time communications with AI
  • IBM Watson Voice Gateway and IBM Watson cognitive services for enhancing the customer experience
  • Intelligent conference valet demo with the PowerVille™ Conferencing app
  • Actionable use cases for RTC and AI

The webinar is over now, but you can still get the recording and slide deck by filling out the form!


Tom Banks

Senior Offering Manager

Vince Puglia

PowerMedia Developer Advocate

Tom Schroer

Senior Director of Marketing

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