Building Real-Time Video Apps That Scale

A white paper by Tsahi Levent-Levi

Scaling video applications through hybrid approaches to server side media processing

WebRTC WP sneak peek 1.png

WebRTC is a real-time communication specification that is now embedded in most modern browsers. In the past couple of years, WebRTC has seen a significant growth, in both consumer and enterprise products and services. This growth is starting to show signs in commercial, production-ready services, where stability, scale, and predictability of a service are imperative.

This shift of mindset from exploration of WebRTC as a novel new technology towards a legitimate and powerful technological building block, has brought with it an additional realization: The WebRTC implementation that is embedded in the browser is a mandatory piece of the puzzle, but how enterprises architect and deploy the technology is critical for success.

Media servers can make or break the real-time video application.

This paper explains what WebRTC is, and what is needed to move from a peer-to-peer, 1:1 mindset to a robust group session. It then goes to explore a few of the most popular settings where the addition of a WebRTC media server is necessary for the successful deployment of a service at scale.

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